INTBUYING Water Injection 220V Round Circular Saw Blade Grinder Machine Rotary Angle Mill Sharpener 125mm


● 1.Widely use: It is suitable for alloy materials, except high speed steel and tungsten steel. It has adjustable surround-shaped pallet to hold the saw blade or other abrasive pieces.
● 2.Saw blade grinder machine with a turntable, easy to adjust the cutting edge of the feed angle. Its fascia can support the teeth of saw blades and other parts in order to prevent jumping and improve grinding quality.
● 3.It is suitable for the blades from size 80mm to 700mm. A variety of saw blades can be grinded.
● 4.Automatic watering and cooling to prevent dry burning. The tank has a capacity of 2 liters.
● 5.centering arbor size: 5/8″ (15.87mm); 0.79″(20mm); 0.86″(22mm), 1″ (25.4mm); 1.18″(30mm); 1.57″(40mm).



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Voltage: 220V(if you need 110V, please contact with us)
Grinding Wheel Size: 4.92″(12.5cm)
Bore Size of Grinding Wheel: 1.26″(3.2cm)
Adjusting Range of Grinding Wheel: +/-20 degrees
Power: 250w
Handle Turning Angle: 0 degrees from left and 45 degrees from right
Revolution: 2850rpm
centering arbor size : 5/8″ (15.87mm); 0.79″(20mm); 0.86″(22mm), 1″ (25.4mm); 1.18″(30mm); 1.57″(40mm)
Suitable for blade size: 80-700mm
Product Dimension: 28.35″x16.93″x11.81″(72x43x30cm)
Package Dimension: 16.93″x16.93″x13.58″(43x43x34.5cm)
Weight: 66lbs (30kgs)
Method of operation
First ,loosing the fascia, then adjust the angle of grinding blade and fasten.
Second, adjusting of center axle
  1)Rotating the center axle to the grinding blade
  2)Pushing the center axle to the right
  3)Installing the saw blade ,rotate the wheel and decide the position of grinding surface saw teeth
  4)Rotating the rotation table to ensure the angle of grinding blade.
  5)The cross angle between the grinding surface and work surface is about 5°
Third, adjusting of positioning assembly 
    1)Adjusting the saw blade to the best grinding position, rotating the positioning frame and fascia
  2)Adjusting positioning pin to the proper base of saw teeth and leave gap of grinding quantity, fasten the fixed screw
Fourth, adjusting the center axle to the same gap of grinding quantity to the right
Last, when all the parts are fastened, the saw blade supported with hand will be grinded
Item Included:
1 set of 220V Water Injection Saw Blade Grinder Machine (153035)


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