Wall Line Cutter Wire Slotting Marble Concrete Cutting Machine – Dustproof And Infrared Sighting – AC 110V


● Faster forming speed: adjustable width and depth for quick and easy.
● One-shot molding, stable and precise: the wall slotting machine is equipped with infrared rays and rollers. When working, it uses the roller to stabilize the propulsion while aiming with infrared rays to make the lines straighter.
● Easy to hold: weight 6.5kg, the handle can be rotated 180 ° left and right, to achieve a person without assistants can also work effort, increase the efficiency of work.
● Safety: All high-power copper machines, power supply voltage 110v, load up to 4000w, , and the machine is not burned; the two devices of vacuum cleaner and water pump work at the same time to reduce the dust during work, taking into account your health; the switch is equipped with a waterproof cover. Protect the power supply from leakage, reduce the risk of leakage, and protect you from harm.
● Multi-purpose use: wall slot machine can cut concrete, marble, granite, lightweight bricks and other materials, can also be used for wall wire line slotting, can adjust the width and depth when cutting, the width can be based on the blade How many adjustments can be made up to 44mm and the depth can be adjusted to 42mm.Replacement blade ASIN: B083DTNVXM



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1. Simple operation: automatic corner crossing, slotting more easily, slotting to the dead corner when top to the wall, wheels will automatically face up to the corner will open the movable cover, all activities open to achieve no dead angle, slotting machine does not need manual cover.
2. Once shaping, stable and accurate: The wall slotting machine is equipped with infrared ray and rollers. While working, it uses rollers to advance steadily while aiming at the line with infrared ray to make the line straighter.
3. Easy to hold: 6.5kg weight, the handle can rotate around 180 degrees, increase work efficiency, single work is more labor-saving and convenient.
4. Safety: all high-power copper machines, load up to 4000w, do not burn; vacuum cleaner and water pump two devices to reduce dust when working, considering your health; switch with a waterproof cover, to protect the power supply from leakage
5. Multifunctional use: Wall grooving machine can cut concrete, light bricks and other materials. When cutting, width and depth can be adjusted. Width can be adjusted according to the number of blades, up to 44 mm, depth can be adjusted to 42 mm.


Rated voltage: 110v
Slot depth: 42mm
Rated power: 2500w
Load power: 4000w
Product weight: 6.5kg
Maximum speed: 600r/min
Vacuum cleaner diameter: (outer diameter) 42mm; (inner diameter) 38mm

Slice specification:

Saw blade installation: 1-7 pieces
Products include: body *1, saw blade *4, toolbox *1, water pump *1, water pipe *1, vacuum interface *1, wrench *1, English manual *1


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